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Pepita-the essence of education, is a social cooperative with twenty years of experience on field. Pepita is composed by professionals in the educational sector: educators, trainers, psychologists, pedagogues, new media communication experts, social workers, lawyers.

Pepita has been working with Schools with a dynamic and non-frontal method, developed through interactive activities by our professional educators.

Another fundamental element in the Pepita’s method is the involvement of the entire educating community: parents, teachers and school staff are the protagonists of training and awareness through information meetings held by specialists.

The main topics Pepita has been working on are: bullying and cyberbullying, online safety, legality, addictions (internet, substance, gambling, food and other pathological addictions), violence between peers,
self-respect. The training is integrated by permanent research on psychosocial tendencies.

Pepita has been working with the Oratories to support families and their children with professional, continuous and truly educational way. Education in affectivity, respect for oneself and for others, awareness-raising as a prevention of youth discomfort, professional training as an educational proximity tool for animators, are the basis of Pepita’s intervention methodology in support of today’s Oratory .

Pepita organizes parenting courses for the kids’ guardians, developing specific formats for the different developmental stages of the children. For each format, Pepita follows a common guideline characterized by 4 key points:

  • the knowledge of the children
  • the knowledge of oneself as parents
  • the role and value of the game
  • the relationship with technology

Pepita supports sports trainers, extra-school teachers and professional instructors, in the acquisition of educational skills both from a pedagogical, psychological and cognitive-behavioural point of view.

Pepita supports Companies in the development of corporate welfare activities for collaborators, suppliers and customers. The area parenting skills development and raising awareness on the most current and widespread issues concerning young people and families. One of the areas of greatest interest to parents is the online child security and safety.

Pepita collaborates in the research field with Institutions and Universities, on specific projects for youngsters, teachers and school internal staff. Pepita has produced several publications for professionals in the educational field and the educating community. During the A.S. 2017/2018 trained over 1200
cyberbullying referring teachers.

The President, Ivano Zoppi, is a member of the Interinstitutional Table for the prevention and contrast of bullying and cyberbullying, organized by the Lombardy Region and the Lombardy School Office as well as present among the members of the Regional Council on bullying and cyberbullying.

Pepita is a partner of the Carolina Foundation for happy navigation and of Cuore Parole Association for the kids everyday care.

Pepita and the Carolina Foundation have developed the Adolesharing app to inform parents and educators in a constantly updated way about children’s online life: the places they frequent, the dangers, the protection tools.

Pepita carries out edutainment activities with the theatre animation of Ciccio Pasticcio.



Pepita between 2018 and 2020 met about 70,000 children and teens.


Pepita has trained and raised awareness on issues of gender-based violence, bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and sexual bullying, over 12,000 adults including parents, teachers, social workers, reception center operators, volunteers, coaches, educators, journalists and police officers.


Pepita has managed educational projects for 120 winter and summer Oratories.

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